Mustapha Ajdour aka The Wolfer started dancing in the streets of Casablanca, Morocco when he was 15. He soon found his own unique style of dancing and his moves became unmistakeable. His brother gave him the name “wolf” because of the mixture of power, flow and musicality in his style. He mostly danced with his crews “La Halla Kingzoo”(since 2009) and “El Mouwahidin” (since 2013) on the streets and was really successful. 

Since 2017 he is defending the first place at the Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher and qualified himself for the Last Chance Cypher two times. In 2018 he made it into the Top 16 of the Red Bull BC One World Finals. Further, he won lots of european battles, for example the Beast.Mode Battle – Vol. 4 – 1vs1 Breaking or the Carinthian X Break 2017 – 1vs1 Breaking and took part in the final of ARABS GOT TALENT. 

The Bboy and Contemporary artists also works as a model and movement teacher.