The young dancer Farah Deen, born in 1990 in Salzburg, attended the grammar school in Salzburg with a focus on dance and completed her bachelor’s degree in „Law and Economics“ at the University of Salzburg. In addition to dance workshops and dance training courses all over the world, she has already performed in various dance pieces in Sweden, Italy, Romania, Austria, Germany and Great Britain.

Farah Deen wants to lure people out of their daily lives through her art and lead them into other spheres as well as making them thoughtful. She would like to implement this with her performance piece „ARIEL.LE“ together with the musician Christoph Ertl. The play is about the interaction of the familiar and the unknown, the fear of crossing borders and the desire to achieve your goals despite hurdles. “Art is able to break down barriers and creativity is the tool for this.” The young dancer believes that art generally takes over the upbringing of society. Art can directly address topics that are a “taboo subject” in everyday life.