Leigh Evelyn (also known as Swifty, Sir Swifty, Swifty Swift), from Northampton (Great Britain), works as a dancer, dance teacher, coach, host, emcee and entertainer. Swifty has been B-Boying for 19 years now. He is a member of the crew Floorless Formz and known for his witty remarks, jokes, getting the crowd hyped and keeping the energy levels high.
At the age of 13 he first got in contact with dancing by watching the movie “Breakdance”. Later he saw someone doing the windmill at a skatepark and immediately wanted to learn how to do it.
Since his start as a host at local jams in 2006 he gets booked for events like Redbull BC1, World B-Boy Classic, The Notorious IBE, Break Mission, Groovanomatry and We Bgirlz frequently.

The first international battle he danced at was the IBE Stand up dance battle in 2007 where he made it to the quarter final.