Missa’s passion for urban dance styles started with hip hop freestyle, later she discovered her love for other styles like popping and waacking. Now you can find influences from locking and house as well in her dance. Especially through the variety of styles, and different music Missa finds the freedom to express her own multiplicity.
On her personal journey the work with young people always has been very important for her. As trainer, choreographer and main of the ‚Cartinthian Body and Dance‘ club she has been teaching and sharing her love, knowledge and passion for the hip hop culture with her students, so these already could develop their own dancer personalities.
Since 2015 she is part of the Funky Monkez crew, together they have been building up the hip hop scene in carinthia and also represented on international dance events. This feeling of freedom and community Missa found in hip hop, is exactly what she hopes to share and inspire others with.