Youngung Sebastian Kim aka Jaekwon aka Jacky is a global working self-employed dancer, judge, dance teacher and choreographer. He is a member of the crews Team Austria, Fusion Lockers and Hungry Sharks Cie. Additionally to working he studies sports and english as a teaching profession. 

He gained knowledge by receiving the private dance education for urban styles tutored by Niels „Storm“ Robitzky and Marco Wehr and through further education. Further he absolved university lectures in dance and theatre education, stage direction and staging, also for japanese traditions, folk dance and martial arts.
At the “Battle Of The Year” in 2004, Jaekwon and his first crew “Terrorhythm” made it to the second place. After this he danced for Germany at lots of international events. Four years later he became a member of the “Renegade Company”, a community dealing with contemporary urban dance theatre. In 2011 he worked with “Nobulus” on their piece “Out Of The Shadow”.