Robert ”Rob One” Wägar is a swedish pioneer in the hip hop and ”street” dance scene and has helped building the bridges of knowledge between the swedish dancers/youth and US pioneers. 

He started dancing when he was 9 years old and has continued ever since. What got him started was the music aspect of the hip hop culture – he just couldn’t stop moving to it. Since 1992 he has been teaching in schools around Europe, especially in Sweden at for example the University College Of Dance, the Ballet Academy, the House Of Shapes or the Community College in Stockholm. He has been performing on stage, in theatre shows and on TV since the mid 90’s. Further Rob has worked as a choreographer and dancer with artists like Basic Element, Wy-Clef, Carola or the Navigators and has tutored many of Sweden’s top dancers.

Rob is a respected dancer in Sweden and works as a judge, dance teacher and choreographer at events all around Europe.