BA Eva-Maria Kraft is a contemporary dancer and choreographer, dance teacher, cranio-sacral practitioner and a nutrition trainer with a focus on dance. She has been dancing since the age of three, studied at the Vienna Conservatory at the private university and has been working as a freelance dancer since 2005. She heads the Studio RAUM for TANZ and a practice for nutrition and cranio-sacral bodywork in Vienna. In 2016 and 2018, her co-authored books  „Ernährung für Tänzer“ and „Nutrition for Dancers“ were published. Eva-Maria Kraft teaches the subjects of contemporary ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, Chladek® technology and nutrition for dancers internationally in the lay, training and professional fields. Current artistic projects include the instant composition POETIC SPACE in collaboration with the musician Rupert Huber and as part of the transdisciplinary research group H.A.U.S. she choreographs and performs with humanoid robots. Ballet is a global language that connects dancers and thus creates collective awareness in a wide variety of constellations. The focus of my classes is on meeting the technique of classical ballet with flow of movement, width, lightness and joy. The exercises are imparted in a contemporary manner and according to current pedagogical and dance medical knowledge, individually adapted to the respective body. The focus is on stabilization, centering and thus the optimization of the alignment of the body axes and the adequate use of force during training. Improvisation creates the opportunity to give space to your own movements and to try out, research and deepen known and new movement material. Guided body awareness, mindfulness and partner exercises make you feel which movements are important at the moment and which impulses would like to be extended. Predefined scores are used to create choreographies in real time (instant composition) in the group and in open jams the space is free for all new movement discoveries.