Kevin Gopie aka DJ Renegade is a so-called “First Generation Street Dancer” and co-
founder of the first european hip hop formations. He is an active member of the scene since
1982 and lives in London, UK.
His career as a DJ started in 1986 and he has become a big influence for the DJ scene and
the music aspect of battles since then. While travelling around the world, he also worked
with rather unknown artists. He released a few CDs, DJed for Blade & Son of Noise and
worked on his own beats from the beginning.
He gets booked for famous events like Juste Deboute, HipOpsession, Bboy Summit or Red
Bull BConeBOTY. Dancers all around the world enjoy the unmistakable and perfect
character of his beats which are originated in the history of B-boying, Locking and Popping.
Renegade delivers his knowledge and methods through workshops and as a mentor and
crew coach to the members of his crew Soul Mavericks.