Timothy Earl Solomon aka Popin’ Pete started his journey by watching Soul Train and doing the robot. He also learned from looking at his brother, Boogaloo Sam, when he was dancing. He joined the Electric Boogaloos in 1978 and became a first generation member. He began to train Popping, the dance style this crew is famous for creating. Together they appeared in famous shows like The Midnight Special, Soul Train or Kicks and even choreographed and danced in some of Michael Jackson’s music videos. The crew worked with artists such as Janet Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani. They also invented funk styles and helped developing the funk culture. In 2012 the Electric Boogaloos even received a special Lifetime Achievement Award.
As a judge, Pete was invited to Dance Delight, Breakin’ Convention, Keep on dancing and other battles. He works as a teacher and choreographer all around the world and spreads the knowledge he gained in over 3 decades worldwide.