Steffan „Mr Wiggles“ Clemente is a South Bronx Puerto Rican born street dancer who became famous for his popping skills. He started learning hip hop in the 70’s in the streets of the Bronx. To start his dancing career, he began building his reputation as a battler, and took his skills to major stages all around the world including Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Canada, and even on the tages of Broadway. Wiggles further gets associated with two important movies that helped establish hip hop culture, „Beat Street“ and „Wild Style“.
He is a proud member of four major crews and forces in hip hop and funk styles culture: the „Rock Steady Crew“, the „Electric Boogaloos“, „Zulu Nation“ and TC5 (The Cool Five) Writing Crew (graffiti crew).
Today Wiggles works as a dancer and choreographer, produces music, gives workshops and is a graffiti artist. He is still learning his crafts, and will remain a true student of the culture until the day he dies.