Emilio Austin Jr. aka Buddha Stretch, a Brooklyn native, received his values and life skills, such as discipline, inspiration, and motivation, from his dad who also was a dancer in his teens. He supported him throughout his career.

Stretch was a huge influence for the dance scene by linking Ol’ Skool and New Skool. His dance style, known as Freestyle Hip-Hop, draws from all aspects of Hip-Hop culture, music and dance. By this, he helped make these moves more popular for music videos and live shows. Further he was one of the first Hip-Hop dancers allowed to teach the dance in a dance studio. At a music video audition he met the members of his first dance crew “Mop Top” and later on he formed the famous crew “Elite Force” 

An MC and writer himself, he also is no stranger in the music scene. He recorded an underground hit called It Don’t Matter by Ten Thieves and still makes music until today. 

As a famous choreographer, dancer, teacher and performer he tries to spread the culture all over the world and his  passion for dance is shown every time you experience his work.