Magdalena Neuburger

Magdalena Neuburger lives and works in Linz. She has made the performing as well as the visual arts her profession. In addition to her work as a teacher for textile design, art education and dance, Magdalena Neuburger studies at the University of Art in Linz in the master’s programme „Fashion and Technology“. Inspired by the aesthetic elements of HipHop culture she founded her label „Urban Artists Wear“ (2016) as a part-time designer. Specializing in the handmade production of key pieces for the urban scene.

Her career as a dancer led her from the passion for acting to musicals, on which she concentrated for a long time. The development possibilities offered by urban dance styles eventually led to a change of genre. Especially House with the weightless footwork and the fast technique is her passion. After first contacts to Waacking through Nubian Néné & Princess Lockeroo this style also captivated her because of its overlapping with the musical world. The infectious disco music, the possibility of acting expression and the basics of jazz dance combine several of their passions. She has been teaching children, teenagers and adults for five years and has recently joined the Female Urban Dance Movement „All AUT fe.males“. Not only in art, but also in dance she wants to pass on her enthusiasm for creative expression.

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